• 2017-04-01 07:33:24

Everyone's posting their selfies with their corsets, or as we call it nowadays, 'waist trainers'. What is the hype really all about? How come suddenly everyone wants to get their hands on one? The trend has been going on for years now so we thought to ourselves, is it time to get our hands on one of these new version of corsets? Why not!

We partnered with waist training experts over at ShapePerfect to try out different types of waist trainers and here are the results! Some people might be against the idea of trimming waist this way, perhaps it's because people get the wrong sizes. When it's too big, you don't get results. When it's too small, it may affect your health. You just gotta get the right size for you. Once you know your size you then start training! You'd be surprised how it'll not just keep your waist tiny but it also improves your posture a lot. There are so many different types of cinchers for your waist and it can get tricky picking the best option. If you're having troubles picking the right one for you, don't you worry cause we tried em' all and we're breaking them all down for you.


This is definitely the 'everyday' waist trainer. It comes in two colours, black and nude. If you don't go to the gym much then this is the one for you! This is great for going to work, school or even when you're just having a lazy day at home. Put on your waist trainer under a tight shirt, slip into your denim pants and you're good to go. It really accentuates your curves! Another bonus, you wont over eat cause you'll feel full immediately!


This is similar to the first one, just a different material. This is for those who love to workout. It gives your workout a boost! It's also great when you're doing some workouts at home because it helps lessen the back pain when you do your squats so that's a big plus! You'll sweat more and that's always a good thing!


Ideal for both men and women who LOVE the gym. When we workout, often times we forget about the injuries it can cause when done wrong and having the TECHNO FITNESS BELT will help support your body when weightlifting and doing intense workouts. This is also a great gift for your man and everyone who goes to the gym should own at least one of these!

So, which is the best waist trainer for you?