• 2016-06-17 00:00:00

Marie-Stella-Maris, the lifestyle brand from Amsterdam has partnered with me on this campaign to tell their story from my perspective. Water is such an important element and many people don't have access to clean drinking water. Well, Marie-Stella-Maris is helping to change that and now we can all contribute as well. #CareForWater, by drinking water you are also giving water to someone who isn't as blessed as we are. Another thing that got me interested in their brand is finding out about their natural care products for my skin. Alright, so I really want to keep this space as authentic as possible so before I talk about #MarieStellaMaris products, I had to really try them out myself and so I did. Fun fact about me -I'm obsessed with scented candles but I can be really picky. The smell has to be a great mixture of sweet but not too sweet, kind of floral-y but still really fresh. See? Picky. I know. Oh and I also prefer a more classic exterior, more minimalistic. Anyways, I received the No.92 Objets d'Amsterdam (scented candle), those of you who follow me on snapchat (@annydums) have probably seen it's occasional appearances. The scent is so calming, just the way I like it and I now position it on my bedside. I've recently been changing my skin care routine frequently, I've noticed that my skin is becoming more sensitive when I'm in Taiwan. It gets so dry and I feel like I'm in a constant search for facial creams and oils. I've been applying the No. 31 Facial Oil at night incorporating it with my night cream then I would put on a facial mask so that my skin would really absorb the products. My skin has been feeling much more hydrated. I've photographed my favorite products from #MarieStellaMaris for you which you can all find on marie-stella-maris.com, for those of you from Germany and Belgium -you are lucky because they'll be opening there soon!