• 2016-03-22

Here it is! I've been so excited to share these photos with you. When I got invited to the #LivingGrand dinner in Singapore I was already imagining how it would be and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The ambience, the food and the way the entertainers interacted with us. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, welcoming the year of the sheep.

Now, what is #LivingGrand? If you follow me on my social media platforms, you've probably seen this hashtag in majority of my photos recently and I think the hashtag says it all. This Chinese New Year, Grand Hyatt hotels unveil the #LivingGrand, a luxurious way to celebrate in the most extravagant way you can think of and that is not only in Singapore, but all over the world.

Ballerina dancers, musicians and actors inviting us in, as the fog started to cover up the floor, we all felt like we were up on the clouds, the sound of the violin was a perfect match to the setting. As we were being escorted to our seats, I couldn't stop my self from taking pictures and when they opened the kitchen, the Chefs were all there in their colorful attire, not moving. I felt like I was frozen in time, like Alice in wonderland. We were all blown away by the presentation of the table already, then this.. I completely forgot about my jet lag.

The food was perfect, we had authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by Chef Lucas Glanville, Chef Gottfried Schuetzenberger and Chef Soren Lascelles. A memorable experience, this definitely was the best way to start the year of the sheep.

Traditional Chinese New Year desserts including: White lotus blossom flower; Buddha’s hand, lemon and mango pudding;Lui sha bao and other assorted pastries and sweet treats were served to us in the most artistic way. Chinese Calligraphy by Yong Gallery, Mr. Yong Cheong Thye, Master Calligrapher was rolled out on our table and the desserts were served on top of it. Amazing!

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