• 2014-06-12
Conquering my fear of heights while enjoying delicious food prepared by Michelin Starred Chef. H&M Sunnies and Dress, GIVENCHY Mini Antigona bag, SOPHIA WEBSTER heels After flooding my Instagram with photos from my #dinnerinthesky experience, I couldn't wait to share more details with you guys! So here I am, still feeling ill but finally back in Paris, finally got to rest and now ready to give you information about my trip and experience dinning up up in the air. Even though I was already sick in Brussels, I still went out sightseeing and staying up late at night, ignoring my cough and colds, without taking care of myself and causing my illness to get worse. So here's the outfit I chose for the dinner. I wanted to go for something simple so I went to H&M for a quick last minute shopping before leaving Paris to pair with the famous 'Chiara' butterfly heels from Sophia Webster. Here's the website for #Dinnerinthesky incase you're interested, of course you are! I honestly can say that I would love to definitely do this again, with a different scenery. You're probably wondering, how the food was. Well, it was great! How can it not be when our 5 course meal was prepared by the amazing and very down to earth Pascal Devalkeneer, Michelin Starred chef from Belgium. Not to mention unlimited champagne and wine! Hey, it's good for the nerves too if you're afraid of heights, like me.

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