When you're in Paris during summer visit the Fête foraine des Tuileries

  • 2014-08-21
ThatMadonnaGirl Meow crown and flower crown (used as a belt), Forever21 corset, H&M jacket, Charlotte Olympia heels, Pants from night market I've always wondered how summer would look in Paris. When the sun rises before 6 in the morning and sets around 10pm. When you go to parks and it's occupied, busy and filled with food stalls. When couples walk in the park, holding hands. When artists come out and sit by the fountains to draw the beautiful scenery. It really is like how it is in the movies and although my first impression of Paris wasn't the best, it surely has changed after witnessing the summer breeze of the city. Yes, I felt a tad guilty after devouring so much food but I must say, it was totally worth it! So when you visit Paris during summer make sure not to miss this place! It's walking distance to St. Honore and the Louvre, perfect non?

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